** Announcements** Cardiac Rehab Classes, Diabetes Group Education Classes, Paediatric Screening Clinic****

Dear Readers,

The following group education classes apply for those living in Dubai as they take place at the City Hospital in Dubai Heatlhcare City. If you are interested in any of the following & for more information, please send an email to nutritionaz@gmail.com

Diabetes Group Education Classes (Starting Soon)

If you or someone you know have been recently diagnosed with diabetes, then sign up for group education classes that will take place soon and are run by myself at the hospital.

Number of participants per group will include anywhere between 10 to 15 people. The classes are compromised of 2 – one hour sessions which will run on a fortnightly basis.  The sessions will take place on Sunday evenings from 6pm till 7pm.

Topics covered in Session 1

  1. What is Diabetes?
  2. Healthy eating & weight management guidelines
  3. Carbohydrates & choosing the right types
  4. Lipid management – Know your fats!
  5. Physical Activity

Topics covered in Session 2

  1. Shopping & Label Reading
  2. Eating out & Take away
  3. Blood sugar level monitoring & targets
  4. Your follow up plan

Cardiac Rehabilitation (Available now at the City Hospital)

The talks offered are suitable for the following group of patients:  After or before Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery(CABG), After myocardial infarction (heart attack), Congestive heart failure (CCF), after a heart valve replacement, angina coronary artery disease and hypertensive patients.

The talks involve lectures offered by 4 professions:

  • Physiotherapists – Education on heart disease, exercise and return to activity, soft tissue and scar management education.
  • Dietitian – Education on nutrition and heart disease
  • Occupational Therapist – Stress management and weekly relaxation sessions.
  • Pharmacist – Medications in cardiac disease

The 45 min talks rotate on a weekly basis over 4 weeks. Thus a patient can start the programme at any time and still complete the full cycle.

Please note that insurance approval can be requested for Cardiac Rehab.

Paediatric Screening Clinic – Another service to be aware of which is run by myself, the physiotherapist and speech pathologist at the hospital. This clinic is an opportunity for parents to discuss any concerns they may have in regards to their child’s development. A  basic global assessment of your child is performed & then any concerns identified will be discussed with you. Based on this, we will recommend whether further assessment and/or treatment is required and provisional advice may be offered on how to optimise your child’s development.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further questions on the services offered at the hospital!

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