Building a Healthy Relationship with Our Food by guest expert Silvia Polakovic Saad

keep-calm-and-love-food-67Yes we’ve seen great times and have had bad breakups, but have we really understood our relationship with food? Such a simple word yet your relationship reads more of a “IT’S COMPLICATED” status again and again and again…Here to walk us through how we could build a better, long-lasting relationship with food, Silvia sheds light on the how-to’s and reminders of how to get your relationship back on track! Over to you Silvia…

We have all experienced a negative relationship with food at one point or another. Whether as a teenager or as an adult, comparing ourselves to our peers or striving to look like those models in magazines. Some of us are still beating ourselves up. So how does one release the negative emotions and thoughts when they attack? Here are a few reminders that I found to be helpful.

1. Prepare your own food. Take the time to connect with your plate. As you prepare your meal think about where your food came from and be grateful for the nourishment it is about to provide.

2. Enjoy your food. Change your internal dialogue from “I should not be eating this”, “where’s my self control?” to “I will enjoy every bite”, “this is a one off so I’m going to love it!”. Make peace with your plate, your digestive system will thank you.

3. No body eats perfectly. Read that again. Now say it out loud.foodrelationship

4. Eat when you’re hungry. Emotional eating becomes a vicious cycle. See food as fuel and nourishment for your body. Own your feelings. Do something else: take a walk, write in your journal, call a friend.

5. Drink water. A vast majority of the population is chronically dehydrated. Are you thirsty or are you hungry? Drink a glass of water when you’re feeling peckish. If hunger persists then have something to eat.

6. Take time out and sit down to eat in a calm environment without distraction. So many of us eat on the run; at our desk at work; or even in our cars. When you focus on your meal you send a message to your digestive system to prepare it to do the job it was designed to do. And don’t forget to take it slow.

7. Eat with the intention of being in full view of others.

8. Stop categorising food into good and bad. Out of the 100+ dietry theories I studied the most profound advice I found was to view our meals as Good, Better, Best. Our attitude to the food we eat will instruct our Spleen what to do with it. So whatever we eat, once we have made a choice it is better to accept the food lovingly, to welcome the food as wholeheartedly as we can. In this way we will get the most out of all foods

9. Ditch the diet books and listen to your body. Headaches, allergies, IBS – they start in the gut. What is your gut telling you?

Your body works hard to keep you healthy, respect it, treasure it, love it. Feed it with nutritious fuel and your body will respect and love you back.

1458-1364192575_320x91About the Author:  Silvia understands that life and over complications can sometimes get in the way of our health goals. It’s about simplifying and creating a supportive environment while enabling you to make changes. Create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and free of denial and discipline – See more and connect for a free consultation at: or Follow Silvia on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest 

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