Child Nutrition

Baby-Friendly PB Banana Bread

And we’ve finally tackled the final high allergenic food, that is the nut! As we increased little P’s food repertoire, I found that the best way to introduce nuts before his first birthday was in banana bread!

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Meal Prep for When the Baby Arrives!

So we’ve made it to 38 weeks and not long now until we get to meet our little bubba! So if you do follow my Instagram feed, you would’ve noticed the meal prep craze that has taken over my kitchen. The fact that a KitchenAid has also

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Empower your child's diet this new school year!

Schools are either about to start or your kids have already gone back so why not start the school year with a healthy kick!  Healthy eating during childhood is important in order to have a good intake of nutrients for growth and development, improved concentration, as well as establishing healthy eating habits at

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