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Many of you may wonder why my travels frequently take me back to Dubai. Long story short, it has been my home for many years, workplace for a few and given awesome opportunities, is still a business hub for myself! The culinary scene has grown tremendously and now, the health conscious foodie scene follows…

During my last couple of trips, I have managed to wine and dine in endless new spots but I thought I would shed some light on two hotspots that cater for the healthy, curious and hungry! This two-part segment kicks off with…

Omnia Gourmet

Located at the peaceful Jumeirah Fishing Harbour, Omnia Gourmet was recommended by a number of my followers and readers and has become my go-to place for business lunches and yummy breakfasts! Omnia Gourmet is one of many establishments that lies under the umbrella- Omnia by Silvena- which was founded by  celebrity Dubai-based Chef Silvena Rowe. 

Finding JFH was surprisingly easy and straightforward given my navigation skills and the never-ending road-works that have taken over every corner. I was lucky enough to be visiting at a time where the weather was perfect for outdoor dining and this something I would highly recommend when popping by; sit outside and enjoy the calm breeze! As the slogan goes “From Farm to Table”, Omnia Gourmet’s menu celebrates local produce and transforms dishes into their healthiest versions. What I absolutely loved about this place is that it truly catered for all: meat lovers, vegans and vegetarians and the culinary-curious. 

Throughout the last two visits, our orders were as followed: Omnia’s Shakshuka, French Toast, Egg-white Omelette, Avocado Sugar Snap Peas & Chickpeas, Grilled Chicken Kofta, Shawarma Marinated Salmon. Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 10.28.26 AM

The Verdict? My absolute favourite dish for breakfast was the Shakshuka. Bursting with flavour, cooked perfectly and a great meal to share, this dish was definitely a winner. The Egg-white Omelette was the downfall – uninteresting and tasteless yet the sweet potato ribbons were the addition that made up for the lack of much-wanted flavour. As for the mains, the avocado salad was absolutely crisp, delicious and fresh with the perfect amount of za’atar pesto. It is aIMG_7568 dish that would sit well with all the vego-lovers! The flavour and texture combinations of the Chicken Kofta were a delight yet, if you’re a hungry 6’ft gentleman, I would highly suggest an extra side or two to guarantee a satisfied belly. The portion was the only let-down according to my lunch partners. All in all, it did not disappoint! And obviously the lack of photos are due to the meals being inhaled!

+971 4 343 7181
Opening hours: 9am – 11pm
Jumeirah Fish Harbour 1
Shop n1-15 , Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Stay tuned for my second healthy hotspot pick, Comptoir 102.

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