Dining and the City: To the Volkshaus We Go! Zurich, Switzerland

Now this is going back about a year, sometime in October…Known as being a part of Swiss history for a century now, the “People’s House of Zurich” is a multifunctional building with a restaurant, bar, spa, offices and more! I have passed by this building multiple times but never had the chance to pop inside and try out the restaurant’s exquisite menu which offers some local dishes with a twist. So the time came, and I walked in…

We were lucky enough to get a table without a booking on a Saturday night so reservations are highly advisable! The interior definitely takes you back in time with a modern twist with their exposed ceilings, antique-like furniture and big windows overlooking Stauffacherstrasse. The16050 menu offers a variety of dishes such as cordon-blue, horse steak, risotto, and more local specialities such as “Hacktätschli” (spiced meatballs) and “Hirschentrecôte”(Entrecôte of venison). My first choice back then was to go for the Walnut Risotto with Blue Cheese and Figs, which is meant to be a heavy heavenly combination. And the excitement began…

As a starter, we opted for the Autumn salad with croutons, egg and bacon. Sharing this salad was definitely a good idea as the ingredients tend to be quite filling. The dressing was lacking for the amount of greens on the dish so chances are, you will order extra sauce. The whole point of ordering a salad prior to my meal was to get my serve of greens (plus a whole lot of extras!); mission accomplished. On to my main..The risotto was cooked perfectly. The mix of walnuts could be quite overpowering for many, however, it was well balancedIMG_2164 with the kick of blue cheese and figs. This dish was definitely not waist-friendly, however, could be considered as your weekend treat. As I am not much of a blue cheese fan, the dish had just the right amount to complement the flavours and not get you running out the door.

As for my husband, he opted for the “Hacktätschli”; the spiced meatballs with mashed potatoes. I haven’t had the chance to taste his dish as they were devoured within minutes, however, he described the meal as being well balanced, well portioned (p.s. never rely on a hungry man to describe flavours)….Basically, they looked great and tasted even better! As for the service, we did wait a while for our meals to be served (the restaurant was very busy) and the young lady looking after our table seemed to have a “fluctuating” attitude, where one minute she’d be cracking a smile, the next; barely any eye contact and finally, no goodbyes or a thank you after paying our bill with tip!

Despite the minor attitude problem, I enjoyed every bite of my meal and have been back so many times after that! Their weekend brunch is lovely so be sure to check it out.

For more information visit their website at http://www.restaurantvolkshaus.ch/ 

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