Dining and the City

A couple of years back, I have decided to create another blog-Dining and the City- yet, underestimating how much work it takes to keep two blogs rolling! It was only a matter of time that the foodie in me decided to create a whole world of reviews, hot spots and guides to help you explore and navigate the world of cafés, bars and restaurants, globally!slide12

So, I’ll be bringing back these reviews on Nutrition A-Z as a regular segment (rather than a whole website!), starting off with all my past reviews that I would love to share with you all. The aim is to create a search engine to good food and great spots, from a dietitian’s perspective.

And to all my readers who wish to submit a review, you’ll be able to do so! I will be moving my review submissions to this website soon in order for you all to channel your inner foodie. Whether you’re a person with coeliac disease, has multiple allergies or just someone who appreciates good food, let others know about the best places to wine and dine based on your experience.

On that note, stay tuned for my reviews that’ll be coming your way soon! 

Sandra x

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