Free Online Nutrition Counseling Service for a Limited Time Only!


In preparation for the official launch of Nutrition A-Z’s online nutrition counseling service, I will be offering free trial sessions for those requiring guidance from a dietitian. As this is only a trial period, the number of people enrolled will be limited to 6, however, 2 have already signed up. So, here’s your chance to be one of the final 4!

Should you be interested or whether you know someone who may be, send an email to with your reason for wanting to consult a dietitian and any other enquiries you may have. 

The final 4 interested in this free trial will then be contacted in order to confirm their enrolment. 

Those who I am unable to take on for the free online counseling service will still be contacted in the future once the service has officially been launched. 

So Watch this Space!!

Sandra Mikhail (Accredited Practising Dietitian/Nutrition Columnist)

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