Goin Green – Cutting Down on Food Waste!

In the last few years, awareness has been raised on ways to save our environment and going ” Green”. Just to open your eyes and give your thoughts a kick, think about the effect of food wastage on the environment. A recent statement by the Australian Food & Grocery Council shed the light on this important issue after a study demonstrated that in Australia, almost $5 billion worth of food was thrown away and that included fresh fruits & vegetables. The following is part of the council’s statement:
“The disposal of millions of tonnes of food waste imposes considerable costs on the community through waste collection, waste disposal and the greenhouse gas emissions associated with rotting food. In addition to the direct financial cost to households of purchasing food that is not consumed, food waste exacerbates the negative environmental effects associated with food production and processing. Put simply, if less food were wasted, less land, water and energy would be needed across the entire value chain.”
I think it is very important for everyone to take action to bring about positive change! It all starts out with small changes such as the following:
  • Start RECYCLING! Have a bin in your kitchen for recyclables (includes food packaging that is recyclable, paper, water bottles, cans & so on). In the U.A.E, try to locate where the recycling bins are and USE THEM! They are there for a reason.
  • Plan your meals in advance in order to limit the food you throw away. When shopping, by what you NEED by writing a shopping list down and only purchasing what is on the list.
  • Try to choose foods with minimal packaging.
  • Purchase a re-usable drink bottle to carry your water with you.

Aim for Action people! There’s so much that we can do…

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