Going on to 2019!

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on”. How are you handling all the new year talk?!

Indeed we’re well into January now and before we kick start a new series of posts, I wanted to share a personal “happy 2019”! If you’ve had your fare share of “new year, new you” talk then fear not! There will be NONE OF THAT! I clearly started this post with a quote I fell in love with, which seemed to calm my anxiety as we approached the end of another year.

I just wanted to jump on here to say a belated Thank You to everyone that’s made it possible for me to step into another year of doing what I love. The end of 2018 came with a lot of reflection and thinking back at how it all started in 2010 with a simple wordpress blog to satisfy the need to educate the world and help readers navigate the world of nutrition misinformation. Fast-forward 9 years on, Nutrition A-Z is a successful running business with a solid HQ based in Switzerland, an international following, a growing team of dietitians and simply said, a thought and idea that is living,  breathing and thriving.

Here’s a snippet of what’s in store for 2019! 

A new business idea is currently in the making and will complement our business beautifully (if all goes well!). I promise to share more details soon so watch this space!

Events and workshops are being finalised for the next few months so make sure you check out our Events section of the website! The topics will mainly revolve around gut health this year with a couple targeted at sports nutrition.

One of our top selling programs will be going completely online and self-directed! Care to guess which one?

Finally, you could add a few more mini projects to the mix such as a gut health retreat, promoting our 4 month corporate health and wellness program as well as adding another professional sports team to our client list and finding the next dietitian to join our team!

Whether we achieve all or some of the above, one personal goal I’ve set myself for the coming year is to be present. This could see me stepping back from social media a little as some of you may know, I do have a love hate relationship with it. Consistency is an issue because frankly, it’s never been a priority nor an essential root for my business. I’ve been through a lot of courses and trainings to find ways to be consistent but this may be something I’ll need to delegate because as you know now, a lot is in the planning!

So on that note and as I approach my tech limit for the night, wishing you all a successful “going on” this year and if you have any feedback on how we could continue to improve and engage, please do share in the comments!

Sandra Mikhail


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