Going Organic

You might have noticed that in the last few years, buying “everything” organic has become a trend. Now, what I wanted to discuss in regards to consuming organic foods is that people assume that the nutrient value of organic food is better. That is not necessarily true. I will go through a quick explanation of what organic food is and the reasons why people choose to go organic.

The term organic refers to farming without the use of synthetic chemicals such as artificial fertilisers and pesticides. No irradiation of food is involved and no genetic modification is used.
Organic farming also considers the welfare of animals and the environment where animals are treated humanely (e.g. Chickens are not kept in cages, instead, they are free range). The environment is protected by the use of natural farming cycles, renewable resources, crop rotation & conservation of soil, water & energy.

Reasons why people buy organic food:
* Concerns over the long term health effects of pesticides, chemical residues and antibiotics.
* It is better for the environment where the use of modern farming has led to a number of problems related to soil fertility and salinity of waterways. Organic farming basically supports environment sustainability.

Nutritional Value
In regards to the nutritional benefit of organic food vs conventionally grown food, studies have FAILED TO SHOW A SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE in key vitamin & mineral contents. A very small difference was noted in that organic food demonstrated:
  • Higher levels of Vitamin C & Selenium
  • Lower levels of nitrate

Organic foods are usually more expensive because organic farming is more labour intensive & production tends to be smaller since no pesticides & other chemicals are used.


So if you’re thinking in terms of health – consuming organic foods is a way to reduce your exposure to synthetic chemicals & antibiotics. Nutrient value is pretty much the same, however, some people claim that organic tastes much better! If you’re concerned about our environment, then do support organic farming.

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