In the Spotlight: Cooking at home with DinnerTime

To our readers living in the UAE, I have stumbled across this venture, which simply makes cooking at home easy and possible. Your schedules and lifestyle are nothing less than hectic and are crammed with endless to do lists and activities,  leaving  you with little or no time to plan and shop for home cooked meals. That’s where DinnerTime comes in. This concept is quite popular in Europe where home cooking is made really easy and possible for households with a hectic lifestyle. Here is all the insight straight from the fabulous DinnerTime team…

DinnerTime was founded in 2011 by three Swedish entrepreneurs, owned by Anette Lind, Karin Sundström and Cecilia Braidy. Juggling hectic lives and wanting to preserve valuable family time; sharing a wholesome meal in the confidence that our families were enjoying a balanced diet, we decided to bring this already popular concept from Sweden to the Middle East.

shutterstock_162607196DinnerTime makes life a little bit easier! Simply put, DinnerTime delivers to your doorstep a box of fresh ingredients and four recipes for you to prepare four family meals each week. For a healthy and balanced diet, each weeks food box includes one meat dish, one chicken dish, one fish dish and one vegetarian, pasta or soup dish. Each recipe takes about 30 minutes to prepare and cook. A rich variety of both traditional and inspirational recipes ensures that the dinners appeal to everyone in the house.

The following week’s menu is emailed in advance, and you have the option of choosing whether or not to have the food basket delivered. Delivery options include regular subscriptions to weekly or fortnightly deliveries as well as ad hoc delivery at your convenience. You can chose between the Family box of 4 meals for 4 persons, Couples box of 4 meals for 2 persons or the Gluten Free box.

DinnerTime will help you and your family eat better and more consciously. Everything that comes in our box is carefully selected and each recipe tested. We do the menu planning for you and create a weekly menu with great care taken in achieving a well balanced nutrient content, good quality products and organic choices whenever possible. This means you will find consistently high quality ingredients which taste better. We use organic vegetables from local farms as much as possible. The groceries are delivered in a recycled box because we care about the environment. shutterstock_158536568

DinnerTime takes the stress out of menu planning and grocery shopping for a busy household with the satisfaction of home cooked meals.

It is home cooking made really easy. You will discover new foods, cooking without any hassle and most importantly enjoying the rewards of a home cooked meal with your loved ones.

Simply serve with love!

For a sneak peak of what you and your family would enjoy with DinnerTime, here’s a sample Menu: DinnerTime 4 Pax September 29 – October 5 2013. For more information:

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