In the Spotlight: FOOBY – Switzerland’s Newest & Hip Recipe Hub

For the past few months, a recently launched “foodie” database has been gaining popularity with some unique, eye-catching and mouthwatering recipes that appeals to the masses! Whether you’re a professional cook or someone who is just starting out in the kitchen, FOOBY may be the go-to recipe hub for your next weekend brunch or dinner party.

If you’re German is up-to-scratch, then it is worthwhile visiting the world of Fooby with an endless list of recipes whether you’re vegan, looking for something unique or simply want to learn how to cut up an avocado! Dorothea, Fooby’s social media and content manager, walks us through how Fooby came about…

What is Fooby all about and who are the faces behind it?

With Fooby, we aim to bring everyone closer to the wonderful world of cooking and ensure that they enjoy delicious food whether it’s a professional cook or an absolute amateur in the kitchen. We want to inspire, share great recipes, provide useful cooking tips and instructions as well as share interesting stories about local foodies or even shed the light on the hottest international food trends.  The people behind Fooby consist of a team of four food-loving individuals: Vanessa Finzer, Katja Leu, Dorothea Schulze Mengering and Florian Fritz, who are responsible for it’s distribution both online and in print. The venture also falls under COOP’s cloud alongside familiar brands Karma, Naturaplan and Fine Food.  A growing number of Swiss food bloggers have also become the backbone FOOBY, contributing to recipe development and editorial content.

How do you aim to change the mindset around eating and food?

We don’t want to change the mindset around eating and food. We simply want to bring back the pleasure around food and eating as well as rekindle the passion of cooking. We want to show that everyone can cook and that cooking doesn’t have to be complicated.  

Where do you get the recipe inspiration from and who is responsible for developing the recipes?

We get inspiration from a variety of channels including Instagram, food magazines, eating in restaurants, traveling and seasonal produce.  Collaborating with the Betty Bossi team then follows where our ideas are transformed into recipes. Additionally, we also receive a number of recipes from popular food bloggers who are part of our FOOBY community.

What makes you unique?

What makes us unique is that we are an all-rounded food hub with a massive inventory ranging from recipes, step-by-step cooking instructions to How-to-Videos and stories about FOOBY’s community members. Furthermore, we are proud to collaborate with some fantastic Swiss food bloggers and most importantly, Fooby belongs to one of the biggest Swiss food retailers. This gives us a huge upper-hand of having numerous in-house food experts we can work with to benefit from their expertise and ideas.

So whether it is a healthy spring-inspired salad or a mouthwatering dessert to impress your next dinner guests, head to FOOBY for inspiration and work on your inner Jamie Oliver! Their website is currently in German, French and Italian so Google Translate may be your best friend if you’re a non-German speaker! 

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