In the Spotlight: Go Organic ME – Organic Freshness in a Box

902871_435657443190653_477113145_oFor those living in Dubai,  in the UAE , growing your own produce might not be the easiest venture to embark on…So why not sit back, relax, and enjoy organic freshness delivered to your doorstep, in a box! Today’s guest writer and founder of Go Organic ME, Meenaxy Vashishtha, sheds some light on how you can enjoy organic produce, fresh off the farm and straight to your doorstep!

What we need to know about their vision…

GO ORGANIC ME is a company passionate about every thing natural and organic. We work very hard with all our local certified organic farms to make sure that the produce you receive in your Box is super fresh.

GO ORGANIC is an effort taken by us to get people close to nature, get healthy and implement the right way of living. We are passionate about organic produce and hence this is a simple attempt to educate people about living their lives simply and closer to nature. We do stress on the fact that we are what we eat, so lets eat healthy and go organic to make the world and ourselves a better place.

We ensure that obtaining organic food is easy and convenient. Though fairly new, we have had a tremendous response and from delivering merely a few boxes a week to delivering a 100 boxes of fresh organic vegetables, fruits, milk and eggs to many families across Dubai and in time, cover the whole UAE.

Our aim has been to provide the right and healthy food for every one.

How Go Organic ME supports local farmers…

The UAE has a wide variety of certified Organic farms. These farms grow fruits and vegetables, flowers and herbs, and animal products of all kinds. Our farmers are dedicated to commitment and quality and while they love what they do, they also need to make a living. Consumers that value fresh food and a working landscape should support local farmers by buying their products.

At Go Organic ME, We have hand picked a few local farms in our country that have passed the stringent tests of organic farming. We work with them relentlessly and inspect them on a regular basis. All the farms are IFOAM and ECO CERT certified which are very high standards of organic farming. All our produce is handpicked fresh in the morning from our farms and then put in the Boxes.

Most of our produce is local and we do encourage local and seasonal eating so that the farmers earn enough and that the agriculture in our country grows .A large portion of our profits will be used to support these local farmers, and also to adopt villages that need financial aid.

902871_435657443190653_477113145_oServices offered by Go Organic Me…

Services that we offer include delivery of our Boxes, which are available on a monthly basis. Customers can choose from a variety of Boxes including the Vegetable Box, Fruit Boxes, Mixed Boxes, Juicing Boxes, Baby n Toddler Box, Kids Juicing Box, Detox Juicing Box and the Defence Juicing Box. These Boxes are also available for weekly deliveries. Additionally, we do offer services by a nutritionist, which includes performing a complete analysis, one on one coaching, setting meal plans and providing recipe booklets.

Why should people switch to organic produce…

There is more and more evidence that chemical-based fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides are extremely harmful to our health. However, the strongest argument in favour of organic farming remains the environmental benefit. In a world facing a global climate crisis, it has become imperative that we do as much as possible to reduce the negative effects of global warming. Harmful emissions are released into our atmosphere during the manufacturing of these chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides and have been linked to global warming. Conventional agriculture relies heavily on these chemicals, which further harm our eco-system when they enter our soil and seep into water supplies.

UntitledAbout Meenaxy, Founder and Owner of Go Organic

Meenaxy Vashishtha, a vibrant and a loving mother of two young boys, established Go Organic and began offering their services to consumers in the Green Community in Dubai in September 2012. Raised in Mumbai on organic food grown by her mother in our local garden, her inspiration came after having children of her own. Being a apart of the organic farms owned by her family, she has been raised in the nurturing, growing and farming.  With encouragement and support from her husband, the company was born. Go Organic ME is a community commitment to the society and the farms in UAE that feeds families and individuals local, organic, and affordable produce while coming together to share recipes, health, friendship, and more

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