In the Spotlight: Online shopping for organic produce with Farmy

In this day and age, convenience is a necessity. Online stores have made their mark and even shopping for your weekly organic fruit and veg is now just a click away! If you’re living in Switzerland and are looking for just that, then we have found the right store for you…Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 12.47.07 pm

Farmy is an online hub of organic produce offering products from breads and dairy products to fruits and vegetables straight from the farmers den. To tell us more about this venture, here’s Arne Jenisch (Farmy PR), with the intel…

Having always had a high affinity for organic and regional products, Tobias Schubert and Roman Hartmann founded Farmy as they had the idea to launch this venture in late 2013. A concept such as Farmy did not exist then and past experience in e-commerce was definitely a plus to help them officially go online with Farmy in June 2014.  

With Farmy, our vision is to connect people with food producers in a way big retailers can’t. We would love to supply as many people as possible and be a channel for farmers and small manufacturers of different specialities, to reach more people. 

We support local farmers and try to offer mainly Swiss products. Some are not produceable in Switzerland, so for example, we can’t offer oranges from Swiss production, but are able to do so from organic or bio-dynamic production elsewhere. Local farmers are the ones we deal with because as anour-farmers online-version of a farm-shop, we vision ourselves as an extension of the farmers themselves. They can use the internet through our platform and order-system to reach more people. Our latest prominent local farmer is Jucker Farm for example.  For those who lack the time and are looking for convenience, we are the opportunity to get the trusted products  they need and even more. 

In terms of what we offer, we provide everything you can find in shops offering farm produce around the cities of Switzerland and even products from the countryside. We mainly offer produce such as vegetables, fruits, berries, exotic fruits, seasonal produce, several special milk products, products for vegans and also a wide range of meat and fish. We work together with organisations that provide healthy food and reasonable prices, who are also environment conscious like Demeter, Bio Knospe or MSC.

We aim to establish close and friendly relationships with our regional farmers and small producers and manufacturers, especially local ones in and around Zurich. 

What we want everyone to know about us is simple: the future of our food supply is no longer solely found in wholesales. It is about creating a close connection between the consumer and producer, which we aim to provide. The pleasure of taste and specialities from small-scale family-operated businesses is about de-centralisation. We provide that to ensure better food from personal partners you can visit hence it is all about transparency, food supply and enjoyment.

So, look no more! Head to WWW.FARMY.CH for an endless array of organic produce, which is made with love and care! 

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