In the Spotlight: Satisfy your Sweet Tooth with Muncherie in Dubai

Being a frequent traveler to Dubai in the UAE, I am always on the lookout for ventures there that promote good health and yummy food, which is how I came across Muncherie. Recently launched in Dubai, Muncherie has started off with a range of guilt-free desserts, free of additives and artificial ingredients with more products coming soon…IMG_9242-2

Here to introduce us to her venture, Natasha Stephenson (Founder of Muncherie Organic Foods) walks us through her vision and the reasons behind her yummy launch…

The concept of Muncherie came about a while back with my own personal experience with food sensitivities and being unable to have desserts due to their ingredients. I started to experiment with healthy desserts first at home, which eventually got me into raw desserts. They simply tasted better and were so easy to make. Sharing  my creations with friends at first, I then had the urge to share this with more and more people like me with food sensitivities. I have worked with one of the best Raw Chefs in the UK who taught me a lot about raw foods and now, my team and I are developing a new range of healthy raw treats. It is not just about intolerances anymore, it is also about nourishing your body. 11218948_1006027669415854_5802793709452834692_nI have always been quite health-conscious, and food was an important part of my wellbeing philosophy. I am an emotional entrepreneur and I always needed to create something that made others feel good, be it through fitness, spirituality or food.

Our vision is having healthy food and wholesome ingredients dominate highly processed ones. We also believe that consuming more plant-based food, free of chemicals, additives and pesticides should be promoted. We want to make healthy nutritious food available and affordable to everyone in the UAE and this is we what we live for.

With Muncherie Organic Foods – We are the healthy kids with high standards! We love, appreciate and only produce organic, unprocessed, delicious plant-based products. Everything that comes out of our kitchen in Dubai is:12063706_1040002846018336_3808628907314191026_n

  • Vegan
  • Raw
  • Refined sugar-free
  • Gluten free
  • Preservative free
  • Non-GMO
  • Hand-made, wholesome and most importantly absolutely divine!

We are not gluten certified as of yet but we are looking into it. We do not use any gluten-containing ingredient either way in any of our products. Furthermore, our organic certification is currently underway.

We hand-craft our food from scratch using wholesome and local ingredients as much as possible, which are rich in nutrients to help maintain the best physical and mental health. We all love to indulge every now and then, so you can enjoy great treats without the guilt knowing that you are nourishing your beloved self at the same time! We are currently working on our new product range with more snacks and healthy drinks that are going to be launched over the next couple of months. Our products will be available to everyone at local health shops and supermarkets very soon. We are very excited to say the least! 

You can now get hold of Muncherie treats in Dubai at the Farmhouse, Maybury and the Biorganic Health Food Store. Watch this space! 

About Natasha

22413_10205602666457769_8990675381489762471_nNatasha was born in Estonia, lived and studied in London and then moved to Dubai about 5 years ago, which is where her official health journey started. After moving to Dubai, she co-founded Rawr Yoga Studio 3 years ago with the goal of wanting to help everyone heal or improve their physical, emotional and spiritual state. Her entrepreneurial journey then continued with the launch of Muncherie Organic Foods, providing guiltless pleasures to the young and old in the UAE. For more information, visit

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