In the Spotlight: Velocity by Mallory Nieman

Fancy trying something different to really get you moving? Why not cycle your way to better health this year! Indoor cycling has become the latest fitness trend to boost people’s health and sculpt their way to better versions of themselves. Enter Velocity…

So what is Velocity all about?  Velocity is Zurich’s first dedicated Indoor Cycling studio. Delivering a whole new fitness concept with the latest technology in Indoor Cycling, Velocity has become a fitness hub of outstanding customer service, top instructors, and varied class concepts, all within an exceptional space. They believe fitness leads to an overall happier and healthier life and that fitness positively promotes both physical and mental change.

The studio was built from scratch to ensure the space is worthy of the exceptional workouts, customers and instructors. The Indoor Cycling room is a dark setting with a state of the art sound system, club atmosphere lighting, and Veloboard (Leader Board) technology for the more competitive class types. In addition, they provide all the amenities (towels, shoes, shampoo, etc.) so that customers only sweat the workout.
Founded by Mallory Nieman, she began cycling in 2011 having signed up for the Zurich Ironman in 2012. Utilizing Indoor Cycling training during her workweeks, she improved her bike time by 1 hour at her next 2015 Ironman in Klagenfurt, Austria. Despite her improvement, she quickly grew frustrated by the lackluster gym offering in comparison to the classes in New York and London, and decided to open Zurich’s first Indoor Cycling studio herself. She is a believer, not only in Indoor Cycling, but also in all the good things that being part of a dedicated fitness studio can bring to people.    
So why should you give indoor cycling a go?

Almost everyone understands the challenges in today’s busy lifestyle. Finding time for_dsc9998 ourselves, for our training goals, for our balance and our well-being, is essential. If you are like us, the generic gym concept is inefficient, incomplete, inflexible and uninspiring. That is why Velocity developed a method so that you can flexibly schedule a highly effective mind-body workout in 50 minutes with inspirational music and instruction that flips the mental escape switch and pushes you to attain your goals with maximum fun.

What Velocity offers…

Whether you’re an outdoor cyclist or new to Indoor Cycling, crave a mental escape from your day or love a good dance party, Velocity has the perfect class for you. All classes are 50 minutes, burn hundreds of calories, and aim to strengthen and tone the entire body. You can read more about the 4 different class types on their website here. Then, purchase and book your class (including the exact bike you want to ride!) all on Velocity’s website. 

And finally, what are customers saying?

“I’ve been waiting for such a place in Zürich for 7 years. Classes are great fun and music is always amazing! Love it!!”  –  Vale

“Amazing energy and facilities! Nothing else in Switzerland like it.”  –  Karmen

“Best spinning class in town – with an awesome team! #fact”  –  Ben

“Great facilities and friendly staff. There are variety of classes to suit your mood, and the instructors really push you to work hard and achieve your goals.”  –  Keno

velocity-group-and-partner-1Right, it’s Giveaway time! I’ve got 3 free classes to giveaway to one lucky person who is willing to commit to their health this and every coming year!

To enter – send through one sentence that best describes what your health commitment in 2017 is and I’ll be choosing the lucky winner in due time! Send your entries to

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