Introducing my latest venture, Oviva: My personal dietitian

It’s a digital kinda world…eHealth, eBanking, eCommerce and e-list goes on. When it comes to nutrition, health and fitness, thousands of apps and online platforms exist so why did we even think of another app?

It all started in a cafe in Zurich, discussing ideas of how we could use technology to aid people with weight loss, with the right professionals and the coolest tech. Fast-forward 5 months later, Oviva was born. Alongside a wacky, funny, awesome team, we have made it possible for real, qualified dietitians to become accessible to people seeking weight loss, healthy eating or improving body composition, just to name a few reasons for joining. Our aim is to have qualified dietitians behind an app to guarantee services that are scientifically backed and are provided by the right professionals, not just anyone claiming to be a nutrition expert. 

Oviva provides you with personal certified dietitians to help you improve and make healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle. Your dietitian will provide you with tailored guidance and support based on your needs, will answer your questions on the basis of facts and advise you accordingly. Oviva dietitians provide you with evidence-based information including a facts about nutrients, understanding food labels, tailored recipes and behavior modification techniques, to name a few. Your dietitian aims to facilitate your daily choices whether at a restaurant, when at the grocery store or in your kitchen!

Our policies are simple:

  1. We do not promote or support any commercial diets or philosophies that go against science-based practice with regards to weight loss, weight maintenance and healthy eating.
  1. We do not allow or endorse the use or promotion of weight-loss supplements or diet aids.
  1. We do not endorse extreme dieting and diets that promote extreme low calorie restrictions or deprivation.

Throughout your journey with Oviva, your dietitian will help you find the balance by providing you with meal ideas and recipes, taking into account your preferences and allowing you to enjoy a great variety of food choice. We aim to create awareness of food choices and how they affect your body, where your dietitian will help you make small, sustainable changes to achieve maximum success.

For the full article, click here for our official announcement on the Oviva blog.

Exciting times ahead and I am thanking my family and friends for being the best support ever!  



  1. Congratulations! Looks great!

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