Nibbles for Thought: Waging a war against dietitians

Dietitians, near and far, have experienced a bad wrap in recent times and I believe that bad press is to thank for that. According to social media and other so called, nutrition experts and “investigative journalists” dietitians have become the source of bad science, misleading the public.

How dare we say saturated fats are bad? And where’s the proof? How can we declare diets that have helped many lose weight, become ‘healthier’ as fads with no substantiated proof? Why are we against morning coffees with a blob of butter? And people cutting out grains, dairy, and legumes? What’s the big deal?

Being a dietitian in recent times has become the ultimate challenge, where a wave of bad science, diet labeling and nutrition brainwashing has taken over the public. Advocates of such fads, who have turned the tables around are simply, in denial. How you may ask? I see it this way: so called ‘fadvocates’ are in denial that eating everything that is made available for us to consume in terms of fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, meats, nuts, seeds is actually, Ok. However, overtime, the balance was lost. Processed food, changing environments and people simply becoming lazy are some factors for the obesity epidemic but how could one create a marketing craze and rip millions off by simply saying, get balanced? The public has given in to diet labeling thanks to such advocates. So, who’s to blame? Have we not said, done, voiced enough?

I am proud to say this though… I am proud to be a dietitian who has helped hundreds bid farewell to diet labeling and put behind them worlds of Paleo, Bulletproof, Atkins, South Beach and other ways of labeled eating. Helping them find ways to incorporate all aspects of good eating into their daily lives without having to succumb to unnecessary restrictions is an accomplishment and a victory against the ‘fadvocates’. And the biggest victory of all, is when those wanting to lose weight, continue to do so without following a certain movement. Just plain ol’ good food with all food groups making appearances into their daily menus. Shocking!

Dietitians near and far, I salute you. Let us keep fighting this endless wave of nutrition brainwashing. Let us keep promoting sound information and good science through ways to get through to the public. Eventually, people do realise the importance of having certified dietitians, such as us, by their side… #dietitiansagainstfads

Would love to hear your thoughts and way in which we could fight this!

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