Nutrition Trends in 2020

I cannot believe we are already wrapping up the first month of 2020!

Today, I wanted to dive deep into the nutrition trends that are starting to pop up…namely plant-based everything, mocktails, and the comeback of carbs! Let’s dive in…

Plant-Based Everything

The plant-based diet craze is nothing new – veganism has been going strong for years now, but this year, we are projected to see a MASSIVE increase of plant-based products.

Now here is my warning: just because a product is plant-based, it doesn’t mean that it is healthy or good for you. Keep an eye on your labels and be wary of marketing tactics  because many new plant-based snack items, meat alternatives, milk substitutes and processed foods contain high amounts of highly processed vegetable oils and other ingredients I would classify as “occasional”. 

There is also the idea of plant-based, but not plant-inclusive. There has been a huge increase of omnivores that embrace plant-based eating on a weekly, and even daily basis. Because of the increase in overall health consciousness and recognition that the best diets are those that have a lot of veggies in them, we will probably see a spike in “blended” products. Think: companies adding plants to real meat.


Dry January is a very popular practice, however it seems that drinking (yes, including just social drinking!) has decreased dramatically over the years. Millenials and Gen Z are drinking significantly less than other generations – enter: Zero-Proof Drinks.

More and more brands are featuring alcohol-free versions of wine, beer, and spirits.

Carb Comeback

Carbs are no longer the enemy! After being misunderstood for so long, it seems like we have finally gotten to an overall healthier place when it comes to our relationship with carbs. They are no longer (widely) seen as the enemy of dieters everywhere.

When I say carbs, I don’t mean chips and white bread. I mean foods like whole grains, fruits and veggies. 


Moveover probiotics, this year, prebiotics will be in the spotlight! Prebiotics are a type of carbohydrate (i.e. fibre) that only our gut bacteria can feed on. Consuming prebiotic sources ensures we are boosting our own natural good gut bugs and supporting their function and defenses! Prebiotic blends are already coming onto the market such as Uplift Food but you can stock up on prebiotic sources by consuming a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes daily! 

We hope you’ve had a great start to 2020 so far and as they say, January is only a trial period. February is when the year really starts! 

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