For a lot of you, it’s Summer time! Your bags are all packed, or you’re in the process of planning your getaway (me included!). Trying to eat & drink sensibly while you’re on holidays can be quite difficult if not impossible at times! If you’re visiting new countries – then trying out different dishes and cuisines is part of the experience unless you play it safe and head to the nearest fast food chain. If you’re going back to the “motherland” then the endless family visits and feasts will be a must! So, how do we enjoy feasting minus piling up the Kgs?! Here are a few tips and suggestions:

1. Ah the breakfast buffet – a temptation to all with the endless selection of eggs, bacon, hash browns, sausages.. where they just sit there and wait for us.To get a good balance, try to include days where you would opt for wholegrain breads, cereals, fruit, low fat yoghurt and some cheese. My breakfast would tend to alternate between plate 1 – some scrambled eggs, 1 sausage, a slice of wholegrain toast, some brie and a glass of juice OR plate 2 – natural muesli or grainy cereal with skimmed milk or low fat yoghurt and fruit!

2. If you are on the go and want to grab a quick breakfast – At the local coffee shop, ask for some raisin toast or english muffins/fruit scones with minimal margarine. Some may offer natural muesli with fruit or yoghurt.

3. Trying local and regional foods is part of travelling. If a dish you really want to try is not prepared in a suitable way (i.e. lots of added cream/butter, deep fried…) then order an entrée serving, or share it. If you would like to include several courses, order 2 entrée sized meals rather than an entrée and a main. Ask for some fruit for dessert. Now, if you indulge at a particular meal, balance it at the next meal eg. after a 3 course lunch, order a salad with minimal dressing in the evening.

4. The importance of Snacks! To control how much you eat at meal time, do not let yourself get really hungry as you are likely to splurge at the nearest fast food chain or vending machine. Always have a supply of ready to eat snacks with you such as a small container of dried fruit, dry crackers, oven baked fruit bars, salt reduced pretzels or air popped popcorn.

5.Hydration – To keep it simple, just carry a bottle of water with you at all times! Being on a plane for a long flight can be dehydrating so sip on water even if you are not thirsty.

6. Walk walk walk! Trying to build some activity into your day is not impossible. Explore the city, go on hikes, enjoy some water sports..Many hotels/hostels offer gym or pool facilities, so don’t forget to pack suitable clothes and shoes!

7. In regards to Alcohol, my message is simple and straight forward – Just be aware of how much you are drinking. Try to alternate between alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. Making sure you drink enough water also helps with toning down the hang over the next day!

 So to all of you heading on holidays, Bon Voyage and have a safe and relatively “healthy” trip!

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