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Eating for Energy Not Emotion – Part 2 by guest expert Susie Garcia RDN

Dearest readers, Award-winning dietitian Susie Garcia is back with her second guest post about ways to deal with emotional eating and understanding the  3 areas that trigger emotional eating issues in people: Time, Tasks and Guilt. If you’ve missed her last article on Time , then click here.

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Eating for Energy Not Emotion by guest expert Susie Garcia, RDN

Emotional eating is something that many struggle with, where you feed your feelings rather than a hungry stomach. Today’s segment is part of a series by my guest expert Susie Garcia, who will unravel ways to deal with emotional eating and how to control it! Susie, over to

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Building a Healthy Relationship with Our Food by guest expert Silvia Polakovic Saad

Yes we’ve seen great times and have had bad breakups, but have we really understood our relationship with food? Such a simple word yet your relationship reads more of a “IT’S COMPLICATED” status again and again and again…Here to walk us through how we could build a

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