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Can an Elite Athlete Survive on a Vegetarian Diet? By guest expert Gloria Cabrera APD

Vegetarians, vegans and everyone else near and far! The final segment of our 4-part series is finally here and Gloria will walk us through the “how to’s” of becoming a healthy vegetarian athlete and reassures us that being a healthy athlete doesn’t always require meat! Planning your

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A Healthy Vegetarian Diet – Achievable or Impossible? By guest expert Gloria Cabrera APD

Picking up where we left off in our last segment, Gloria discusses the importance of finding the right balance of nutrients and the many challenges vegetarians face, which may cause some serious nutrient deficiencies.This second segment of our 4 part series serves as a reminder to many,

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Is it Time to Go Vegetarian or Vegan? By guest expert Gloria Cabrera APD

Becoming  a healthy vegetarian or vegan is definitely not impossible, but in this diet-crazed world, more and more people follow trends rather than embrace the lifestyle…And more often than not, end up on the spectrum of a nutrient-deficient diet.  Gloria Cabrera, a vegetarian herself, will talk us

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