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Dear Readers,

Just sending a little heads up on what’s in store for the coming weeks. The next few segments will be written by guest experts talking about a whole range of topics:

The “In the Spotlight” segment will introduce you to the queen of gluten free baking and founder of Sweet Connection: The Gluten Free Kitchen. Margaret Wertheim, registered dietitian and founder of Chicago Nutrition Solutions, will fill you in on everything SUGAR and guest experts on training, exercise and home work-outs will share their ideas on how to get moving.

If you haven’t checked out Dining and the City…then, DO IT! Get involved with sharing your dining out experiences and unleash the inner foodie! I will be out and about checking out the hot spots and hunting down places which deserve a visit, around Europe and beyond!

Online Nutrition Counseling will offer one-on-one sessions with myself via emails and live chat in order to discuss your nutritional problems and get them sorted! The service is still under development and will be launched soon…

Keep checking in for all the scoop and nutrition intel on Nutrition A-Z!

If you are interested to be a guest writer with a background in nutrition, health and fitness, or should you have any enquiries, get in touch!

Happy Friday to all!

Sandra Mikhail (APD/Nutrition Columnist)

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