Upcoming Free Diabetes Group Education Class!!

Dear Readers,

The next Free Diabetes Group Education Class (Session 1) will take place on Sunday the 8th of April at the City Hospital. If you or someone you know suffer from Diabetes, or just want to learn about the basics of healthy eating to prevent Diabetes, sign up for the free class which covers a number of topics related to the dietary management of Diabetes. Spread the word! For more information, you can contact the City Hospital or alternatively, email me at nutritionaz@gmail.com to get more information about the topics covered.

Location: Seminar Room, Ground Floor
Time: 6-7pm

See you there!

Sandra Mikhail (Accredited Practising Dietitian)

  1. Interested in take class on diabetic nutrition

    • Dear Helena,

      Unfortunately, I no longer run these classes in Dubai, the UAE as I am now living in Switzerland.
      However, should you be interested in one-on-one diabetes nutrition education, just pop an email to info@nutrition-az.com for more information.

      Sandra Mikhail

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