Your Fad-Free Spring "Cleanse"

And behold, spring is upon us! I can’t help but notice the amount of detox and cleansing ads that are popping up so I decided to put together my own spring “cleanse”, which does NOT involve juicing, fasting or any other miraculous concoction. Here’s how…

Yes it has been a while! I do massively apologise for the lack of posts as these past couple of months have seen me on planes, giving workshops and preparing for the opening of our practice next month in Zurich (watch this space)! However, I’m back in action and here’s me kicking off April with a post dedicated to the dreaded detox.

With the change of seasons, the weight loss industry booms again with fad after fad, especially with the promotion of magical detoxes and concoctions that will do nothing but empty your pockets and sometimes, your bowels and bladder. If you’ve been following my posts on this particular topic, you would be fully aware of my stance and how this wishy washy industry is nothing but a scam. So, if you’re looking at embarking on a “cleanse”, here are my tips on how to get started:

1) Start by “cleansing” and “detoxing” your mind of all fads promoting detoxes and cleanses. Yes, it can be hard as you’ve probably come across many promising fast results to getting your spring or summer body back. If you’re looking at short-term weight loss that mainly involves the following, then perhaps give it a go? (NOT):

  • Losing water weight
  • Food restrictions that will cause moodiness, fatigue, constipation, irritability 
  • Unnecessary financial expenses 

2) Give your kitchen and pantry a spring-clean-up. Start by re-organising your pantry and fridge, throwing away products past their expiration date and then stocking up on produce from these food categories: Healthy grains, fresh produce (seasonal fruits and vegetables), high quality protein sources, dairy or alternatives, nuts and seeds. For the full pantry and kitchen makeover, click here

3) Set small, achievable and realistic goals to embark on over the next few weeks. Let’s start small. If you’ve looked into detoxes or cleanses, it is probably because you want to feel rejuvenated and get your body and mind in top shape for summer or to simply get out of winter-mode. Why not shift your thoughts on how to start healthy habits to maintain all year-round regardless of season? That body that is unique to YOU requires hard work, motivation and fad-free thinking. Here are some goals to get you started:

  • Boost my activity to 3 times per week for no less than 45 minutes. (Can include 2 cardio-based exercises and 1 strengthening and conditioning session)
  • Aim for 2 meat-free days throughout the week. 
  • Have 2 green smoothies for breakfast over the weekend.
  • Include a minimum of 3 vegetables at both lunch and dinner.
  • Keep alcohol to a maximum of 3 drinks per week. 

4) Avoid labelling food as “cheat-meals”, “bad”, “naughty” or “evil”. Placing such labels on specific foods can create feelings of guilt once consumed and food should NEVER make you feel guilty. There are always ways to include your favourite foods even if they are not the best in terms of nutritional quality and still have a well-balanced diet throughout the day. Find what works for you by either setting a weekly allowance or setting specific days in which you can be flexible with your choices. 

5) Keep the healthy plate division in mind at lunch and dinner. You’ve probably read this before in previous posts but one of the easiest ways to make sure you are including a variety of nutrients in the right ratios is to think of my healthy plate division. Here’s how: 1/2 your plate should include a variety of vegetables, 1/4 protein and the other 1/4, a healthy choice of carbohydrates. I would normally suggest meal ideas to all my clients based on this division. 

So, with all that said, let’s embrace this new season by bidding farewell to short-term promises and focusing on building long-lasting habits guaranteed to benefit both your body and mind.woman in spring

Want to give my own “Spring Cleanse” a go? Send an email to INFO@NUTRITION-AZ.COM to discuss your own, tailor-made plan with a dietitian by your side! 


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