In the Spotlight: Sweet Connection, The Gluten Free Kitchen, Dubai.

Great accomplishments begin with small steps as seen in the rise of the Gluten Free Kitchen in Dubai, UAE. Speaking to the founder of Sweet Connection, Areej Jomaa, we get a little insight as to how this project started, winning the hearts and taste buds of thousands of customers, including myself. Sweet Connection offers an endless variety of gluten-free goods baked with some good ‘ol TLC which is a reflection of the heavenly and delicious taste. Here is the inside scoop about Areej’s project, Sweet Connection: The Gluten Free Kitchen…

The reason behind starting up Sweet Connection…

Sweet Connection started as a labor of love for my sister, who was diagnosed with Celiac disease 30 years ago. I have always been passionate in the kitchen, so it was an exciting challenge to create baked goods that she could enjoy as when baking for a person with Celiac or gluten intolerance, all the ingredients that go into the product must be free of gluten. Back then, Celiac disease and food allergies were unheard of in the region and with the exception of rice flour, there were no viable options available in local supermarkets. I was continuously experimenting with and researching new ingredient alternatives that would make my gluten free baked goods even more delicious. We lived in several countries before moving to Dubai. During that time, I was always baking, just not commercially. I had  many different customers over the years, with different palates and demands specific to the country we happened to be in. That level of variety and experience, along with all the encouraging feedback I received really paved the way. After moving to Dubai and starting to bake again, I noticed a pronounced vacuum in the market and the demand for my products grew and grew. From there, my baking developed into Sweet Connection, a 100% gluten free bakery catering to those suffering from all sorts of gastric intolerances such as gluten,dairy, eggs and sugar.

What every commercial kitchen should consider when dealing with gluten-free baking…

When baking gluten free products, cross contamination is a big issue, which most bakeries in the industry don’t give a proper importance. Sweet Connection is a 100% gluten free bakery, all our products are certified gluten free. When sourcing ingredients we make sure to get the certification from the company we are dealing with. Our customers safety is our top concern, therefore every possible care is invested in our products.

How Sweet Connection’s products are not only for those with illnesses such as Celiac Disease…

Apart from our regular and new customers who have many different intolerances, allergies and have Celiac disease,there are people without any food restraints who have become customers, based purely on the great taste and ingredients of Sweet Connection products.Our customers love that at Sweet Connection our baked goods are baked fresh every day, there are no preservatives, additives or colours in any of our products. Our products can be ordered in advance and they are suitable for home freezing. We get every day people who pass by our stall in Mercato Mall, they sample our breads, cookies, biscotti and buy them only because they love the taste. There is a lot of interaction between us and and our customers, we explain and talk about the great gluten free flours and ingredients we use, we invite them to visit the bakery. Many customers do that and they are thrilled by what they see.

The variety of products offered by Sweet Connection…

Sweet Connection is a specialised bakery dedicated to creating high quality gluten free products. We offer a wide variety of tasty and healthy gluten free products.We know how much our customers crave for safe and good tasting gluten free baked goods.

We have 16 different kinds of breads to suit every ones taste palate, sweet loaves, cakes, cookies, biscotti, croissant, muffins and much more.We are constantly experimenting and discovering ingredients that will enhance Sweet Connection’s products. Sometimes our recipes are adjusted to suit specific diets. In addition, the quality level in our products sets them apart. We also keep our  menu of offerings varied and always evolving. We also have breads and other baked goods that are egg and  dairy free. We also offer Paleo breads, as well as products for people who exercise and like products that are high in protein and low in carbs.

berry cake
We use the best gluten free certified ingredients. Our GF flours are all Certified GF flours from Bob’s Red Mill line of gluten free grains and flours. Bob with his complete line of gluten free flour and responsible practices, is the baker’s best friend. We also use organic and fair-trade products when possible, some of our products like Cocoa, Vanilla, Agave Nectar, Molasses are organic.

country harvest

We  are starting a new line of products that is completely sugar free. We will not use any commercial sweeteners.  We also like to use cold pressed virgin Coconut oil in our recipes. Coconut oil is high in immunity-enhancing lauric acid, boosts metabolism and combats heart disease and diabetes. Our gluten, dairy and egg free, Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies are everyones favourite and one of our best selling products.

Being a customer myself in the past, I would highly recommend Sweet Connection’s perfectly baked products which range from little naughty indulgences to healthy breads which can be consumed any day, everyday. For the complete list of products, visit Sweet Connection’s webpage or visit their stall at Mercato Mall, located on Jumeirah Beach Rd, Dubai.

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