The Year That Was…

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As my fourth year of blogging comes to an end, I thought of recapping favourite bits and bobs of the year that was. From culinary adventures, travels, business ventures and oh, getting engaged, t’was a great year. And to kick things off, here’s whether 2014 lived up to the food trends predicted earlier this year…

Food trend

Cauliflower: I must say, I haven’t had much cauliflower in the past (mainly due to IBS), however, I have found myself using this cruciferous gem quite frequently this year. It has made an appearance in many cuisines as a side dish either grilled or baked, was used instead of rice with a curry and was a very popular addition to soups. Twas a good year for this one! 

Gluten Free/Wheat Free: Still in full force, gluten free diets continue to take the consumer world by storm. More restaurants and cafés continue to expand their menu in order to cater to their GF crazed customers. Those suffering from coeliac disease, IBS or a diagnosed gluten sensitivity are definitely happy about the massive increase in menu choices. But for those obsessing about how a gluten free diet is the way to go, do us all a favour and just have that piece of delicious, grainy toast? It’ll do you some good.  

Middle Eastern Cuisine: Living in Zurich, I was amazed at how many restaurants serving Middle Eastern cuisine were around. From food stalls, hidden take away stores (and not just a kebab pick up truck), delicious stuffed vegetables and vine leaves, stews and awesome salads were everywhere! High end restaurants are also popping up with the Middle Eastern craze, such as the opening of Clé-Dubai, in the UAE. Michelin starred chef Greg Malouf’s restaurant introduces the world to contemporary Middle Eastern Cuisine, a hot spot which I definitely plan to visit.

Fermented Foods: Yes they were everywhere. Kefir a popular food item in the cold section, sauerkraut an admired side dish in many high end restaurants and everyone went crazy for Kombucha. Twas definitely a year packed with different ways and ideas to incorporate fermented foods into everyone’s diet!  

My Top Restaurants for 2014

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 6.48.45 PMNothing makes me happier than coming across hidden havens where awesome food is served. Tessin Grotto in Zurich is definitely on top of my list this year. After numerous visits, I failed to cScreen Shot 2014-12-30 at 6.46.13 PMhoose anything but the same mushroom risotto, which is by far, the best Risotto con Funghi I’ve ever had. Beats the ones I’ve tried in Italy by miles! My other two yummy discoveries were the Turkish restaurant Zurna in Dubai and Ristorante Alexander in Ravenna, Italy. Here’s to coming across more hidden joints in 2015!

Launching Oviva: My personal dietitian App

As healthcare moves forward with technology, so should dietitians! Launching a venture alongside my amazing team here in Switzerland was definitely one of my biggest highlights of 2014. What you get with Oviva is simply a qualified dietitian in your pocket that will guide you no matter what your reason is for joining. Hundreds of nutrition apps exist out there, but we offer real professionals who guide you through the hurdles and tailor their advice to your needs and goals. None of that wishy washy, hocus pocus, fad-infested advice! So, watch this space! Lots of big things happening on that front so bring on 2015!  Slide1

Getting Engaged

Keeping this one simple. Met a boy 6 years ago in Australia. And here we are, planning a wedding (which is 11 days away) and kicking off 2015 as a Mrs! Cannot wait to start this new chapter in my life with the funniest, funnest, caring, crazy person ever. 

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So here’s to an amazing 2015 with new adventures, travels, foodie tales, discoveries and other shenanigans that I cannot wait to experience! Happy holidays to each and every one of you out there and may you all have a fabulous start to the New Year! 

2015, be great! 

Sandra x

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