Eating for Energy Not Emotion – Part 3 by guest expert Susie Garcia RDN

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We are back again to conclude our 3 part series by guest expert Susie Garcia, who has helped us gain an understanding of emotional eating and it 3 major triggers Time, Tasks and today, we finally cover Guilt. Before we get into it, I would like to thank Susie for sharing her expert advice and for taking the time to put together an engaging 3 part series that so many of you have valued. Susie, over to you…

Emotional EatingDo you hide food and eat it when no one is watching? Do you feel like there are invisible food police all around you? If so, you are feeling a lot of guilt related to your eating habits.

In the final article of a three part series on Emotional Eating, I will address GUILT. 

Guilty eating is, essentially, a type of emotional eating. But if you are eating for ENERGY and nourishing and fueling your body there is no reason to feel guilty about enjoying food. However, I know, it’s easy to be in one of the situations covered in the previous articles, for example you don’t pay attention to TIME and over-eat at dinner, or you are so busy multi-tasking that
you end up picking up fast food as a last resort. It is easy to feel guilty when essentially you know better.

The problem with letting those guilty thoughts creep in as they relate to food is they can create a ridiculous spiral.

Have you ever implemented a “new and improved” eating habits? Perhaps it was for a New Year’s Resolution, Swim Suit Season a wedding or a class reunion. Now think about how long the change last? It is common that people only make it about 2 weeks into a new plan before they are back at their old habits. I believe some of this has to do with the Guilt Spiral.

Let’s say that one of your improvements was to eat less sugar and dessert, and you were invited to a birthday party and decided to allow yourself to have a piece of cake.

What happens in the Guilt Spiral is that, instead of enjoying the event and friends and treating yourself to a small piece of cake, you allow yourself to feel sooo guilty that you tell yourself, oh, I blew it and had that cake. So the next morning instead of having your protein shake or oatmeal with berries you decide you might as well make bacon, eggs with cheese and pancakes. Lunch comes around and, heck, why not get a big burrito, after all you already blew it with the cake…and then round out the day by ordering a deep dish pizza.

Yikes! All of that over a piece of cake!

I want you to remember these two words – CLEAN SLATE. Every meal and every day is a clean slate for energizing and nourishing your body. So what if you had a piece of cake? – enjoy it in the moment and move on. Simply go back to your wonderful healthy habits at the next meal! You Deserve to nourish your body well.

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