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What you need to know about Multivitamins…

With the endless brands & aisles of multivitamins out there, choosing a multi can be one confusing experience! Also, misconceptions about vitamin & mineral supplements keep flooding our minds – they are not medicine to treat illnesses, they do not have magical anti-ageing miracles, they are not food

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Does Happily Ever After = Heavily Ever After?!

Endless dinner dates, cooking 3 course meals to impress your partner, marriage, pregnancies, kids and the list goes on… Does being in a relationship, finding love, getting married all lead to the numbers on your scales to climb? This topic is really worth talking about as I

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Heartburn? Reflux? What you need to know…

Food in your stomach is usually mixed with gastric acid & enzymes when digesting. Now, heartburn occurs when the gastric acid goes up your oesophagus causing irritation and the burning sensation. This is because your oesophagus lining cannot withstand the acid unlike your stomach. If you do

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